Our Vision

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Bethel Baptist Christian School, a ministry of Bethel Baptist Church, was established to create a safe environment of education dedicated to increase children's knowledge scholastically and spiritually.


What makes BBCS unique is we are a school that strives to constantly improve in all aspects. In the following months, you will see some changes in our facility, education, and outreach.

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Bethel Baptist Christian School is committed to giving its students the highest quality of education that has credibility among ivy league schools and universities. We are currently in the process of accreditation. We will be finalizing this process in the next couple of months.

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We are opening this school to give students outside the United States of America the privilege to study here. An SEVP is in the process to allow our school to grant student visas to those wanting that opportunity to study here in America.

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God has laid in Pastor Rudy Abrot's heart to expand Bethel Baptist Christian School by building a third floor. The third floor will be used for rooms such as offices and additional classrooms. By God's grace, we aim to start construction by the end of 2016