Our Mission


Our goal is to provide an environment of Christian faith that nurtures Christian values such as: respect for authority, Christian manhood, Christian womanhood, and Christian service. This school stands for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the highest standards of morality, and Christian behavior. Our goal and purpose are probably best stated in Psalm 145:4, “One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.” The basic concepts of Bethel Baptist School are Christian in character. We believe the Bible to be the living Word of God and that it is our duty to teach our young people the precepts of Christian living. We shall strive to provide a safe haven that is separated from the world and dedicated to the Christian instruction of our young people.


Our goal is to provide a superior academic program. Within our program we provide the ability for capable students to excel academically. We also have academic options for the students who may benefit from a minimized level of instruction.


Bethel Baptist School is an educational ministry of Bethel Baptist Church. It is an integral part and cannot be separated from Bethel Baptist Church. We believe attendance at Bethel Baptist School is a privilege. The goal of this school is not to reform, but to train Christian youth in the highest principles of Christian leadership, self-discipline, responsibility, honesty, good citizenship, and to provide them with the best educational foundation possible.

The objective of this ministry is to faithfully support the Bethel Baptist Church and its vision “To aggressively reach young people and their families for Christ in the Los Angeles South Bay Area...” thus furthering the cause of Christ, by reaching and teaching young people to reach and teach others, through the means of Christian Education. Our heart’s desire at Bethel Baptist Church and Bethel Baptist School is to see our young people live their lives for the glory of God and the good of others!